I went on a photo safari in Botswana this past September (2016).  I took my D810 and a few lenses - AFS 300mm f/4; AF 80-200mm f/2.8D; AFS 24-70mm f/2.8 and AFS 17-35mm f/2.8 as well as my trusty AF 50mm f/1.4D. I also made good use of a TC17EII.  I am still reviewing the images and selecting the ones worthy of post-processing.  Shooting birds in flight and animals on the move translates to a large number of images to review and discard!

While at the Mowana Lodge on the Chobe River, I carelessly DROPPED my camera...  with 300mm lenses attached.....  The bayonet mounting ring snapped off the body rendering the camera inoperable.  No damage to the lens though.  So halfway through a photography trip I was without a camera!  We had done some safari'ing with PANGOLIN PHOTO TOURS and became friendly with one of the guides Charl Stolz.  Pangolin has loaners for tourists getting into photography and Charl was kind enough to sell me one of their D7000 bodies.  All my lenses were compatible and the BEST part was that my batteries are too!  I used the D7000 for the remainder of the trip and got some amazing images.

Back home, I took the D810 to Sun Camera at Steeles and Keele and had it repaired.  So now I have 2 camera bodies again.  Note to self:  Be careful with the camera equipment and take a few seconds to ensure its secure!