Photographing Festive Lights

Although it is cold outside in this "neck of the woods", for those brave enough to get outside and shoot the lights, there are some great opportunities.  There are a few things to know when trying to make the most of your neighbours' efforts.

1. The best time to capture the images are at twilight.  Just before the sun sets, you will get a decent shot of the house as well as the lights.  When its DARK out, all you get is the lights.

2. Use a tripod

3. Use a remote shutter release (or the self-timer if you don't have a cable release)

4. If you are using a DSLR, use the "mirror up" feature to minimize vibration and if your lens has a vibration reduction/image stabilization feature - turn if OFF.

5. If you have a spouse or kids and want some great festive pics, take them along and use a wide aperture to create some great "bokeh".

Send me any comments you have or questions about the above.  Thanks and best wishes for a festive season.